Monday, January 5, 2009


Performance: Pop-Punk-Metal


Beso Tsikhelashvili - Vocal
Misha Chelidze (Miken) - Vocal, Guitar
Gela Aslamazov - Guitar
Gia Babilashvili - Bass Guitar
Dato Changoshvili - Drums

 Group was formed in December 2006, but final forming happened in January 2007. BIOS it's like a Biosystem that's what it means, BIOS has a many routes but The basic principle is contemporaneity. The first single of BIOS was the song named "No Way", which was the one sounded in a couple of radio stations, this was the first project and experiment of this band, after that the band recorded two more tracks, named “Sait” and “Hey”. For nowadays the band actively works on the new projects and very soon they will establish new songs.


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