Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Heavy Cross

Performance: Metal - Thrash - Progressive

Levan Kapanadze - Bass, Vocal
Giorgi Ioramashvili - Vocal
Dimitri Oganesian - Drums
Guja Mchedlishvili - Guitar
Rezi Abesadze - Guitar

“HEAVY CROSS” was established in 1988. From the very first day of its existence the group has been taking most active part in the Georgian rock movement through numerous performances, concerts, tours and festivals. In 1990 the group won the prize of the international rock festival in Liepaja (Latvia). Since 1988 the lineup of the group has changed several times. In 2001 the group suffered the death of its drummer David Zibzibadze. Despite the fact that over the thirty years of its existence the group has been constantly creating its own music the first studio album was released only in 2002. It was a collection of songs created between 1997 and 2002, and was dedicated to the memory of David Zibzibadze. The songs were performed by Mamuka Chikhladze (guitar), Levan Kapanadze (bas, back vocal), Levan Beitrishvili (vocal), David Zibibadze (drums, records of 1997) and Dimitri Oganesyan (drums, records of 2002). In 2005 the second guitarist, Giorgi Chubinidze joined the group, and soon after that “Heavy Cross” won the contest “Patrinote” with the song “A Georgian’s Duty” (Five Cross Flag). In the same year, Levan Kapanadze and Levan Beitrishvili were invited to participate in the project “We Remember”. Together with other participants they created and recorded the song “We Remember”.In 2007 the group released a new album “FanX” with Goga Ioramashvili as a vocalist ("HEAVY CROSS" 1995-1997) . The songs in this album – all being rather diverse stylistically - have a much heavier sound than previous ones. In 2008 Giorgi Chubinidze left “Heavy Cross”. At the same time one of the founders and lead guitarist Mamuka Chikhladze, who decided to focus on his own solo project, temporarily left the group too. The group invited a young talented guitarist, Guja Mchedlishvili, and on June 1, 2008 performed at Tbilisi Blietzkreig Metal Fest 2008. The same summer “Heavy Cross” was invited to Turkey to participate in the annual International Rock Festival BarisaRock – Rock for Peace 2008. Before the departure for Turkey “Heavy Cross” conducted its farewell concert with its friends Rezi Abesadze and Nika Leshchenko. Right after that Rezi Abesadze accepted an offer to join the group. On August 9, 2008 “Heavy Cross”, with Guja Mchedlishvili & Rezi Abesadze on guitars, performed as a headliner in front of 80.000 audience of BarisaRock – Rock for Peace 2008. It was a great success, which grew even further due to the fact that during those very days Georgia was invaded by Russian troops, and, of course, the presence at the anti-war festival of the group from a country suffering war and aggression acquired special importance. Upon arrival in Georgia the group was re-joined by Mamuka Chikhladze, who now plans to work with Levan Kapanadze and Dimitri Oganesian on his own new project. As a result the group is currently working on two parallel projects. 

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Web: http://www.heavycross.ge


  1. Anonymous1/17/2009

    auffffff :D
    iseti bio aqvt Black sabath megona

  2. Best of Georgian Metal!

  3. Anonymous5/29/2010

    georgian Black Sabbath

  4. dzalian mixaria rom icit am jgupis shesaxeb magram xom ver metyvit mtavari kaci vin iyo jgupshi? ar sheidzleba ese... mamuka chixladzees namdvilad ar ekutvnis chrdilshi yopna mtlianad saqartveloshi da mitumetes am jgupshi, romelshic mteli tavis axalgazrdoba energia da udidesi propesionalizmi chado.