Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Im Nebel

Performance: Black - Metal

Vasil Doiashvili - Vocals
Michael Lenz - Guitars, Vocal
Dima Mazmanov - Drums
Helen Chobanyan - Keyboards
Sergey Ermolaev - Bass

Im Nebel was formed at the beginning of the year 2006 by three individuals, who decided to combine their views, ideas and perception of music. The idea of this project, which at first tended to be just an experiment, later transformed into a more definite conception - a "band". The original line-up of the band was: Michael (guitars), Sergey (bass) and Dima (drums). It was challenging for them, since they have already played together before, but their efforts failed to produce any result because of a number of disagreements. But inspite of the discrepancies they saw the right track to set their efforts on and eventually came down to a creation of something common. Initially the band lacked tunefulness since the three instruments could not create the desired sound. The joining of Helen (keyboards) and Vaso (vocals) set the final style, sound and more importantly the line-up of the band. In August 2006 the band began recording their album at "Zibo Studio". Album is already recorded and will be released in June.

E-Mail: band@imnebel.com
Web: http://www.imnebel.com

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  1. Anonymous5/19/2009

    Great band!!!!!!
    Great debute album!