Monday, January 5, 2009

Kung Fu Junkie

Performance: Experimental - Electro Pop


Zomb - vocal, dance
Grinch - Home Coputer, Songwriter, vocal, programming
Farchilla - Guitar, songwriter, parallel universe, vocal
Anna_No - Keyboards, vocal, songwriter
MC CutKill - MC, hip-hop, gangsta

 KungFu Junkie was formed at 2007, july. when 3 "chinese junkie masters" (Zomb, Grinch and Farchilla)  decide to fuck culture together. 8 bit game over to all the kinds of the modern and postmodern music. In my opinion sounds very interesting, you can try it it's like maha-mantra after alien sex. Their music and experiments making KFJ one of the important band in Georgian contemporary music.


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