Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Accidental Lover Boyz

Performance: Digital Noize - Second Hand Techno

Paris Lee - songwriter, programming, live noise instruments, vocal
DreamHacker - live performer, live noise instruments, vocal, dance

Accidental Lover Boyz came form the project "Parfumerie" and was formed by 2 alien lover boyz-Paris Lee & DreamHacker. "Music" is based on Audio Arts, Accidental Live Performances, Anti-Culture SnapShots and HeartShaped Porn-Love. Digital Noize and Second Hand Techno is MainStream Pop Music on Alien Oriental Dance Floorz.
During this time, Lover Boyz were working on several albums, but only one was finished in 2008 and realesed in cyber-space in
February and it's called "ElectroEncephaloGraphy"

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