Friday, May 22, 2009

Step Records

About Label:
Our company “Step Records” was established in May of 2005 in Tbilisi, Georgia. Our main goal is to present local and regional performers and to arrange their tours abroad. Also we work as booking agents. Since 2006 we’ve been operating a sound recording studio. Our company is also founder and co owner of the first Georgian music magazine Ozoni – O3. We work with bands like “Soft Eject”, “Green Room”, “The Young Georgian Lolitaz”, “Green Mama”, “The String” and “Bakur Burduli and his band”. We also collaborate with performers from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Eastern Europe and UK.


Vaho (George) Babunashvili - General Director
Archil Guledani - Art Director
Anna Sikharulidze - Executive Director
Nika Zautashvili - Financial manager
Beqa Jafaridze - Head Sound Engineer
Irakli (Beethoven) Manchkhashvili - sound engineer
Dato Aduashvili - studio manage


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