Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sun Dro

Performance: Electroacoustic - Ambient - Experimental

Sandro Gvarjaladze - Loops, Sound Samples, Programing, Fx

No, "Sun Dro" is not a band. sun dro is a bloke, aged 20. his "real" name is Sandro Gvarjaladze. Most of the time sun dro sits behind his piano. What i mean is sun dro spends most of his time playing piano, or more precisely playing different senseless stuff. however, what can be considered as sensless is a question open to discussion. anyhow, when sun dro gets some ideas, he turns them into samples, loops, and melodies then, he manages to transform the samples, loops and melodies into instrumental songs. where sun dro gets all these ideas and stuff from? we don't know. it's because it's hard to identify his influences due to the fact that sun dro has been listening to music for a long long long time. And sun dro's tastes are are revealed to be eclectic: from rock n roll to folktronica, including art rock, alternative rock, jazz, folk and all the stuff you can think about..
but i can't think of anything else to tell you. just listen to "Sun Dro" songs.


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