Friday, April 16, 2010

Electronout 2009 in Guru

On April 16th, 20:00, 2010 electronic music award "Electronout 2009" will be held in club "GURU"


Autumn Tree Electronica / House / Experimental
Bisko Techno / Minimalist
Cobert House / Afro-beat / Swing
Dato Gvaberidze Experimental/Techno/Minimal
Dima Dadiani Electronica
DJ Respect Electro / House / Progressive
Eredeli Ambient /Electronic
Evol Waves House /Techno / Trance
Green beam and Leon Techno / Electronica / Minimalist
Irakli Shonia Techno/ Dance/ Minimal
Jorjick Techno
Koka Nikoladze Classical / Experimental / Electroacoustic
Konstantin NRJ Trance
Krasinsky Electro / Tropical
LADO Techno
Lady Hroine Alternative / Electronica / Rock
Me And My Monkey Indie / Electronica
Michael & Levan Progressive / House / Ambient
Morgannick Electroacoustic / Experimental
NikakoiElectronica / IDM / Ambient/Experimental
Nuera Trance / Techno / Electronica
Okinawa Lifestyle Chill out / Lounge/ Electronica
PLASTICzzz Industrial / Electro / Experimental
Sani Techno / Minimalist / Indie
Starpunk Electro / Breakbeat / Punk
sTia Electronic
T I M O House
Tornike Electronica / Techno / Minimalist
Tusia Beridze / TBA Electronica / IDM / Experimental
T_T..progect Trance

Xsector House
Zmeek Indietronica

The jury:

Pablo Daniel Sabetta (Jay West)

Country: Argentina

Occupation: Producer, DJ, Label Founder.

Involved in: Candy Dealers

Sarunas Karalius (DJ Karalius, Ryralio DJs)
Country: Lithuania
Occupation: Producer, DJ, Label Founder.
Involved in: Ryralio Records

Riley Reinhold (Triple R)
Country: Germany
Occupation: Producer, DJ, Magazine Founder.
Involved in: TraumSchallplatten, Spex, De:Bug

Glen Nicholls
Country: UK
Occupation: Producer, DJ, Mix Engineer
Involved in: En:Vision; Future Funk Squad

Andreas Rheise
Country: Germany
Occupation: Producer, DJ, Journalist
Involved in: KREIDLER, la! NEU, BadFrench, Spex, APRIL

Matthew Collin
Country: UK
Occupation: Journalist, Writer
Involved in: Books, Al Jazeera, Wired, Mojo, Time Out.

Thorsten Lütz (DJ Strobocop)
Country: Germany
Occupation: DJ, Producer, Journalist, Label Founder
Involved in: De:Bug, Karaoke Kalk.

Christoph Braun
Country: Germany
Occupation: Journalist
Involved in: Groove Magazine

Michał Nogaś
Country: Poland
Occupation: Journalist
Involved in: Radio Trojka

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