Friday, May 14, 2010

The Electronauts has been awarded

Electronauts - the third award ceremony for innovative music has been held in Georgia, Tbilisi (republic, not the state) by the media production company KOMUNAMEDIA. This time the winners had been chosen not only by the “online community” but also by the international jury (among others; Riley Reinhold (Triple R), Glen Nicholls , Andreas Rheise , Matthew Collin, Thorsten Lütz , Sascha Kösch) . The award ceremony took part in the newly established club GURU and was split in two parts - the award ceremony and the concert of well known artists like TBA ( aka Tusja Beridze), Nika Machaidze (Electronaut 2007) and new and emerging Georgian musicians. The event will be broadcasted on the net and on one of the major Georgian TV channels (at the end of May 2010). As a follow up a DVD release is planned. 
Before revealing names of this year’s Electronauts, here is the brief introduction of the 10-year history of electronic music. History never rules out paradoxes and the history of Georgian electronic music is also paradoxical as the first generation of Georgian electronauts actually emerged during the electricity crisis. The first experiments with electronic music were done in the early 1990s (Dada Dadiani, Children’s Medicine, and the Georgian Dance Empire). At an electronic music festival held in Paris in 1999 Nika Machaidze (Nikakoi) won the grand prix. Nikakoi-the second generation Georgian Electronaut is alive and kicking as his partner from the Goslab collective TBA (aka Tusja Beridze), but this year brought some new names and surprisingly fresh music ideas.

The nominees and winners of Electronauts 2009 are : 

Best Sponsor (supporting company) 
Marlboro  (awarded) 
Red Bull 

Best Radioshow
Electronica (Guru FM)  (awarded) 
Musichall @ Fortune+ 
Electro-jazz projects @ BeatFM 

Best Georgian Label
Minibus (awarded)
Factory Recordings 

Best Georgian Promoter
Louder Events  (awarded)
Fast Forward 
GURU Group 

Best Event
Djuma Soundsystem, Future Funk Squad & MC Mojo @ Pavilion  (awarded)
Dubfire @ Tbilisi Event Hall 
Evil Nine @ Guru Club 

Best Venue
Guru Club  (awarded)
Bamba Rooms 

Best Georgian DJ
LADO  (awarded)
Greenbeam & Leon 

Best Georgian Track:
Tusia Beridze / TBA -The face we choose to miss  (awarded)
Autumn Tree - Aurora Borealis 
Cobert- Everyone Can Speek African 

Best Georgian Artist (Electronaut 2009)
LADO  (awarded)
Evol Waves


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  2. Yeah the activity was a success, i saw some reports on mtv, everything went pretty well and the fans have the same opinions as the judge who choose the winners.