Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Art Gene Festival

Festival Art Gene's main goal is to promote and popularize Georgia's traditional folklore, research and gather known and unknown materials of this field and introduce it to the general public, also to archive and preserve those materials for future generations. Festival presents and hosts concerts and events with participants from different parts of Georgia and the world and holds wide verity of traditional arts and crafts exhibitions and sales. Traditionally festival starts in regions of Georgia and continues in Ethnographic Museum of Tbilisi...
The general format of the Festival is free style and contains both well planned acts and also leaves room for spontaneous improvised acts. Because of this cohesion environment Art Gene is well known for its fabiulas ethno-modern jam sessions and has given birth to several popular music and dance groups, which now are the part of our annual acts...
Today, on the 7th yare of our Festivals existence we can proudly say, that it is one of the most successful and highly attended events in Georgia with the wide audience of all generations and ethnicity.
So we indulge you and your family to visit our Festival and hope to see you there!

Previous Festival’s themes:

Family folklore and polyphonic songs
2005 Traditional crafts and family folklore
2006 Caucasian house, Traditional medicine, folk stories
2007 Internal tourism, handicraft, traditional cuisine
2008 Presentation of rural migration problems as a serious danger to indigenous cultural heritage, presentation of Foreign Folklore to Georgian society (Asian days)
2009 Georgian ecology and bio products
2010 Georgian language and script

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