Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Music Fetival In Mestia (Svaneti)

For those who haven't decided  where to go or how  to spent their  last week of summer, who's tired and want to have a good musical rest,  breath fresh air and feel  beautiful nature of Mestia. this music festival is for them.

21 st    August  Local folk musicians: Riho, Latali & Regioni
nd   August  Baiyar Shahin (Turkey), Zumbaland (Georgia)
rd    August  Musicians From Estonia (Estonia), Crossroads Blues Band (Armenia)
th    August Chveneburebi (Georgia), Inculto (Lithuania)
th    August  ending of festival, project Astrogeorgia and Jam session

 You can try to go there by your own or contact different travel agency in Tbilisi. We wish you to have a nice week in Svaneti.

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  1. Anonymous8/27/2010

    How can i find Crossroads Blues Band (Armenia) music?