Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lila Land

 Performance: Gothic - Darkwave - Experimental

Tea  Saneblidze - Vocal, Lyrics
Dato Toidze - Guitar, Programming
"Lila Land" is a Gothic Experimental project which was formed  in 2008 by Dato Toidze who used to play with different bands since 90’s such as "Energy-resource", "Afternoon Version" etc. in 1996 he has participated and won “Liga Grand Prix”. In 1998 he made new Electro-Industrial project entitled “Laptop Freelance” which was quite succesfull in Moscow. In 2008 after Georgian-Russian war he returned to Tbilisi and met Tea Saneblidze who was already participating in different project such as "Hymera", "Dryada", "Valley Lord", some of her tracks was turned out by Russian label “Haarbn Production”. After some time “Lila Land” has participated at Altervision Festival in Tbilisi which was quite interesting as a visual side as music product, It's also remarkable that lyrics are in German what is quite unusual for Georgia.
Source: Altervision/Newcomers

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