Thursday, December 2, 2010

Greenbeam & Leon

Performance: Minimal - Techno

Project Authors:
Achi Tabukashvili & Levan Lolishvili

The sotry begins In 2002 when 15 years old two boys met each other, two friends from Georgia,  Achi Tabukashvili & Levan Lolishvili, began to compose electronic music..  A few years later they make their first Minimal Techno tracks which came out on different net labels.  At the same time they begin DJ-ing in different clubs and their  first release was introduced in 2007 on Georgian-English label “Piso Records”. The same year they came out with new releases.  “16 Celsius EP “ ( Igloo Rec), “No Legal EP”  (Lessizmore), “Compilation Red”  (Autist Records). In 2008 they already actively compose music  and work together with such famous DJs as Alex under,  Ambivalent,  Damian Schwartz,  Paco Osina,  Luca Bachetti,  Barem, Someone else,  Ryan crosson, Butane, From karaoke to stardom, Misc  and others. Moreover,  the same year  they decide to begin a new project called  “Autumn Tree”  and under  its name they will make new music tastes and influences including: Experimental, Idm, Glitch, House and Downtempo. At the end of the year at the Electronic Music Rewarding “Autumn  Tree” received title The Best Musicians of the Year. Their  tracks are played by the famous djs as :Richie Hawtin,  Pan Pot,  Dubfire,  Adam Bayer  and more...
 Source: Altervision/Newcomers