Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Pulse

Performance: Rock, Jazz Funk
Irakli Noniashvili - Voclas
Deme Adonashvili - Lead Guitar
Muva Margishvili - Rhythm Guitar
Sandro Maisuradze - Bass Guitar
Nika Margvelashvili - Drums

The Band “The Pulse” was formed i by Deme Alodashvili (guitar) and Sandro Masuradze (bass) in 2007. Nika Margvelashvili joined the band later after several instrumentalists were changed. He was playing rhythm guitar at the beginning and then started to play on drums.

At this period band had several gigs where they played their own compositions as well as covers.
In 2010 rhythm guitar Muva Margisgvili joined the band with the recommendation of their common friend.
With this members the band continued gigs and made several recordings.
As the band had no singer their music was mainly instrumental but at last in 2011 Irakli Noniashvili (vocals) became the band member.
The band was finally  formed and since that they had participated in several festivals (music for music, Mziuri Rockfest 2011/2012) and had gigs.
At the present time “The Pulse” performs with these members.



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