Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jazz Or Cat

Performance: Pop Punk / Pop

Irakli Kakhishvili - vocals, leading guitar
Zurab Lanchava - lead guitar
Iva Kimshiashvili - back vocals, bass guitar
Shalva Antadze - drums
Dato Antadze - Sound Producer
Inga Goldenberg - back vocals
Vakho Kalmakhelidze - alt sax
Dato Khidasheli - tenor sax

Jazz or Cat had its first solo concert in winter of 2001 in the club - "Teatraluri Sardafi". After that the Group participated in different musical events. In 2003 Jazz or Cat took a part in tour round Georgia with other Georgian bands (Zumba and Soft Eject). The tour was the part of activities, which took place in Georgia to encourage the General Elections (no particular political party was propagandized). In 2004 en International Rock Festival – "Rtveli" was performed in the club – "Gvirabi", Tbilisi. The manager of the club- Lado Burduli invired the group to participate in the festival . Jazz or Cat attract the attention because of its original music and as a result the group was intived to Saarbrucken traditional festival. In winter 2005 the group started working on its first album. The album was completed in spring and produced in summer. In summer of 2005 Jazz or Cat for the first time took a part in annual rock festival – "Mziuri". In the same year the traditional rock festival took place in Germany, Saarbrucken called – "Rokwise". Which was run by café – Exodus. Jazz or Cat was involved in it. The german audience liked the new stile of playing which was introduced by the group . In September of 2005 the group took part in the evening devoted to Radio Ones birthday. It was performed in the club – "Sixteen Rounds".

E-Mail: jazzorcat@jazzorcat.ge
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/jazzorcat
Web: www.jazzorcat.ge


  1. Anonymous1/27/2009

    it's sad you guys have fallen apart:(...

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