Monday, January 5, 2009

Sopho Aslanishvili

Performance: Jazz-Rock

She’s 28 years old, a singer, composer and guitar player. She started writing music, lyrical vocal ballads accompanied by piano and guitar, when she was 15 years old. In 1998, Aslanishvili recorded her first song: Isev is Grdznoba (“This Feeling Again.”). A music video was produced and played on public TV. Two years later, in 2000, Aslanishvili stated a band named “Adgili Mzis Kvesh (“Place Under the Sun”). The band played light rock. It debuted at veteran rocks and roller Lado Burduli’s festival. Burduli’s festivals were major events for alternative music in Georgia. The band’s firs reccording “Place Under the Sun” was made in Gvaji’s, home studio. It played on Radio One. Sopho Aslanishili’s band did not last long, and, with its breakup, SopHo’s career came to a temporarily hiatus. She took a job as a DJ on Radio One, and this work has greatly expanded her musical horizons and given an impulse to her creativity. Soon Sopho Aslanishvili showed up again at Gvaji’s studio to record “Listen”, a song accompanied by acoustic guitar. She returned to her solo career in music, and began expanding a repertoire of Georgian- and English-language rock ballads. “Hazy, “November”, “Spring” -- these songs played on Radio One and made it to the top in Georgia’s music charts. Sopho Aslanishvili appears in festivals and clubs. New Wave in Batumi, Art Gene in Tbilisi..The first club she appeared, was ZHORA’S bar and gallery, “Sakhli”. Sopho Aslanishvili is now singing jazz and has abandoned the rock ballad. The last year she is working with Katrine and Me musicians, Zura Lanchava and Irakli Kakhishvili. Dima Oganesyan is in the band as a drummer. Sopo Aslanishvili and her new band have been invited to Ukraine to hold concerts in Kharkov,Doneck and Kiev and play in “Koktebel” jazz festival. 


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