Monday, January 5, 2009


Performance: Indie / Post punk / Shoegaze
Band Mambers:
Baski - Vocal, Guitar
David Datunashvili - Guitar, Bass
Nika Maglaferidze - Drums
David Abaishvili - Bass, Guitar

Landmark Is A Band Formed In Georgia/Tbilisi That Consists Of 4 members. They started playing in year 2007 somewhere in the green 4 walls of the so called brutal metal master "BonEm".With no instruments aboard,by lending them from their friends or other group members they still played some gigs in small bars(rock club,london pub - the second show was canceled due to black out in the capitol).Going through the times of trouble,after some frustrations and concerts where the sound was shit or the senseless war,plus everything it broke in many particles,the band still managed to hold on to it's ideas.They spent their whole money on instruments,recorded some drafts and got into the financial crisis. So here they are,struggling to make it and fighting for the music (damn this line sounds like a monologue from rocky balboa or something).Will it be the thumping rhythm,cracking overdriven guitar or a melody that blends into space and time through delay and reverb,we'll try to expand our ideas and get even better.


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