Monday, January 5, 2009

Sergi Gvarjaladze

Performance: Indie - Electronica - Powerpop

John Jolly is also known as SirG and Gvarj. He's been a part of numerous bands and projects (Sakhli, Genetic Code, Georgian Dance Mpire, Somebodies, SD1, Bibi da Sergi). Sergi is editor in chief of the only music magazine in Georgia (OZONI) and presents two radio shows. MusicHall (Thursdays, FM103.4, TBILISI, GEORGIA) covers newest developments in nearly every genre of electronic music. Muzorama (Sundays, FM106.9 , TBILISI, GEORGIA) is for those who’ve been interested in modern rock, indie, alternative, punk reggae and innovative pop music. Both shows provide information about newest releases, legal MP3 downloads, interesting remixes and cover versions. Listen 2 the shows @ MUZORAMA For more info google "sergi gvarjaladze"


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