Monday, January 5, 2009

Zhora (David Euli)

Performance: Indie - Acoustic - Lyrical

Everything had not started then. . . But it had imprinted in my memory as one of the significant and decisive moment in my memory. I was about 7-8 years old when at school I paid attention at two of my class-mates, who were sitting beside me and were talking about a group. Later the essence of this group became clear for me and I also became worth to hear its music. My schoolmates now are my closest friends and companions of my life. The group was called “THE BEATLES”. So this was our support point for realizing our naive idea – both three of us had guitars at home. Levan was perfectly singing and playing on the guitar (he was singing in famous folk group “Martve”. And he still continues). We also had a big notebook, full of verses. This, if I am not mistaken, was a result of Estate’s and her sister’s interest of English language. Time has a habit – It never stops. We have graduated school without coming true our desire, to become a famous vocal-instrumental group, although school director and The Union of Young Communists (for who we became subject of pride) were keeping their promises to get musical equipments.


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