Saturday, February 14, 2009


Performance: Rock - Hard Rock - Folk Rock

Bachi Kitiashvili - Guitar
Amiran Iobashvili - Bass Guitar
Harry Mamjian - Drums

The father of Georgian rock music – Bachi Kitiashvili, founder of the band "Bermukha". "Bermukha" is first Georgian rock group and it was formed in 1963. After the collapse of Soviet Union the band appears on the stage with new band members.
Bermukha has recorded several songs but unfortunately I could not find a link to post. Nowadays the band is preparing for Eurovision 2009 we wish them luck.



  1. Anonymous2/23/2009

    Eurovision 2009 ra ito es ?

  2. Levan kapanadze from Heavy Cross is singing and in moust songs is playng bass in bermukha now.
    I know that they have recorded lots of songs last (2008) year but the are not relased yet.
    Bermukha is VERY important part of georgian rock music!

  3. yes absolutley !

  4. I don't know much about this music style, but after a little bit investigation I found that this music style have a famous representation in R.E.M, beside this there's many others bands.