Friday, February 6, 2009

Afrernoon Version

Performance: Alternative - Electronica - Down-tempo

Nick Tsereteli - Keyboards, back vocals, programming
Zuricha Dzagnidze - Guitars
Dato Toidze - Guitars
George (Sikha) Sikharulidze - Bass, vocals, programming
Goga Kavtaradze - Drums

Afternoon Version was formed in 1994. 1996 Georgian Music Festival Grand Prize Winners. Best live group in Georgia ever. Progressing every month. We became the strangest group in our country. What we play is the real mixture of dance and trance music. Experiments, experiments and experiments. Playing live instruments with electronic beats. Unique interpretation of vocals and guitar parts. ''Afternoon Version'' is a live trance machine. This album will make you feel really high. Get ready for it.


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