Friday, February 6, 2009

Kako Vashalomidze

Performance: Rock - Blues - Country

Kako Vashalomidze - Gutar

Kako Vashalomidze - guitarist, composer, arranger was born in Tbilisi (Georgia) in 1952. He is laureate of many international and regional music festivals. Kako Vashalomidze graduated from the Tbilisi Politechnical institute, at the same time from the special musical college of calssic guitar.Hes favourite music style is Rock, though he plays Jazz, Bluse and other styles as well. In his compositions Kako Vashalomidze effectively uses intonations and tunes of Georgian Folk music. Being professional engineer he successfully gets needed original sounds. Since 1966 he plasy with various well known badns and musicans, works as a composer in "Georgian Film Co." At present Kako Vashalomidze is the solist of the state TV-Radio orchestra. He has recorded albums "Sixth Feeling", "You Again" "Night and Day"Now he's working hard on his new album based on Georgian folk thems "Hot Heart".

Prizes and awards:

"The Best Group "
"The Best Composition "
"The Best Rock Guitar Player"

"Sixth Feeling"
"You Again"
"Night and Day""From Retro to Rock"


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