Saturday, March 14, 2009


Performance: Indi-Alternative-World

Buddhuza is Levan Khubulava born in 26 July of 1974 . Georgian but English-singing musician and song-writer. His music is a mixture of indie rock, alternative and world, and is much influenced by the music of the sixties.Buddhuza quit his music class after three years of torture, when he was 9. Since then he rarely touched any musical instrument, until his father brought him a guitar that completely changed his life. Now the major reason for skipping school became guitar practice.Buddhuza and brother Lexo soon started to write songs and formed a duo called Fire Bricks. Their music was pretty much a reflection of their record collection and interesting period of time and place they lived in. The first ones to hear them perform their songs were neighbors and close friends.In 2004, soon after he moved to Tbilisi, Buddhuza started a home studio, where most of his music was recorded. He is currently preparing for his live performance in Spring 2009.



  1. Hey, Levan, great to see you here.. there... and everywhere :)

  2. hi, omnipresent ;)))