Monday, March 30, 2009

Nebo cccp

Performance: Rock - Alternative
Kote Kalandadze - Vocals, Guitar
Nika Buzaladze - Guitars
Gio Kordzakhia - Bass
Dima Oganesian - Drums

Nebo SSSR are an alternative rock band that formed in Tbilisi, Georgia in April 2002. Led by singer/guitarist Kote Kalandadze, the band gained veneration in the mass after releasing their first music video for the track "dojdi", shot by the lead singer. Their music inspired by the Beatles, the Doors, Joy Division, The Cure, Nirvana, the Smiths, Kino as well as guitar solos influenced by Jimi Hendrix, received alot of positive criticism among the audiences; encouraging the band's recording debut - "Personal Sky" (the album, which did not come out for sale) on a local record label, Komuna Records. After a short, but well-received tour to Russia, where Nebo SSSR played several gigs in Moscow, the band returned to Tbilisi to record their first full album. It was in October, 2004 that "Nasha Post Lubov"  was released and introduced the band to wider audiences. The music video for "Na Krishe" , featuring the local Georgian music scene, soon became an anthem in the Tbilisi youth underground and brought the band more recognition, both artistically and comercially. Nebo SSSR almost immediately started performing at local live gigs and shot two more music videos for the songs "Net Svobodi" and "Aeroplan". The powerful songs with the original youthful grungy sound, Russian lyrics with a slight nostalgic feel and a romantic appeal, turned the album into a great success and songs like "Povedu" and "Bluz Soldata" into major hits at live gigs. The band's original line-up changed in May of 2005, when the bass player Alex Korvinidze was replaced by Giorgi Kordzakhia. The second album "Samalioti" was released in November, 2005; followed with two new music videos for songs "Bluz Soldata" and "Parashuti". The band's third EP album "Konec Getto?" came out in October 2006, introduced by a music video for the track "Getto". With a more distorted sound and hard-hitting lyrics the album describes the current state of the society and confronts the horrors of modernity.A new version of the song "Net Svabodi" is also included in the last album. For the past year Nebo SSSR have been recording their new album with the title "Pisma" which is now finished and waiting to be released. The songs included in this album are much differenet from the band's previous work, alot more effort and significance has been put into the musical side of the record. As a result of experimenting on this album, the band has developed songs with a mixture of styles, bigger structures, more insturmental solos, monumental choruses and less vocals. Nebo SSSr's newest album will be released both on CD and tape to better deliver the nostalgic sound/mood/feel of the album.


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  1. It's a little annoying finding that some people insist on labeling them into the grunge genre, when it is totally obvious their sound is not like the grunge we were used on the 90's!