Saturday, March 7, 2009

Caucasus Rock Festival

CAUCASUS ROCK FESTIVAL Rock-Indie-Electronica Since 1995

The Concept:
The aim of the music Caucasus Rock Festivals is to present musicians inside And outside of the Caucasus and help them in their future popularization, experimentation, and research. Also to present them to the world top music televisions to introduce the musical culture of the Caucasian countries that is based on the traditional folk. On one hand, our festival works for Peaceful Caucasus, where Georgian, Armenian, Azerbaijan, Russian and foreign musicians play together. On the other hand, it shows the world that the independent musical culture helps the process of popularization of Georgia and the whole Caucasus; helps to present it to the millions of new TV viewers, who have only heard about Caucasian region as a place of conflicts. The festival that has been working for 15 years was the first bold step in creating the style of Georgian alternative music. The festival was one of the bases that contemporary culture was built upon in the Caucasus. New names and new hits had occurred! Caucasus Rock Festivals is a traditional annual small-budget charity festival of contemporary alternative music. The festival gives priorities to women composers/musicians and to deepening their role on the stage of contemporary art. We will prove that non-standard ways to promote peace work and can contribute to a peaceful settlement of conflicts in our region and in the world as a whole.


Caucasian Factory Of Contemporary Art
20/25 Machabeli St,
Tbilisi 0105,
Georgia, Republic of

Office: + 995 32 98 27 79
Mob: + 995 97 20 70 98



  1. Anonymous8/13/2009

    dzaan stranni bendia :)

  2. It is great to do something like that because people can find the next success. I think that it is hard to success in these kind of events but at least they are getting famous.

  3. I think that it is a great way to find interesting musicians. I went to a similar activity and It was something else. They were people that they play pretty good.