Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Wave Rock Festival

Batumi New Wave Rock Fest this summer - 8/9 August - aims to be the one of the massive representant of contemporary music, especially for Alternative, Experimental, Art and Clubbing. BNWRF was found by Local Music/Art Zone in Batumi, Georgia - in 2005 by two friends/musicians: Levan Tsulukidze & Gocha Kacheishvili. Both of them works intensively to achieve the goal - represent most famous Georgian groups and musicians and also promote new tallents and groups, give them abbility to perform live and to grow up, make future for a generation who has its own interests, expressions, groove and discipline from the life... and the life is music. No music means No life. Breathe new fresh air on Open Air near the Black Sea seashore... tune on a New Wave for realizing something that has common with good vibrations. It's clear, headline "Make Love Not War" recalls everyone, who is against aggression and war, against those awful moments which took place in Georgia last year. This year Local Music/Art Zone aims to represent more wide spectre of musicians and groups from other contries, founders wish that Fest would be International. Let's together speak about positive, and music is the universal language for it. Let it Roll! So, Make Love and say no to War...
Check it out, we're gonna make real pacifistic rock fest here. /Batumi, Georgia, Local Music/Art Zone Central


  1. Hi! Can you help us? we are ukrainian group interesting to visit Georgia and playing on BNWRF. How to contact with founders of this festival? Thanx!!!

  2. Anonymous8/27/2010

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