Friday, June 26, 2009

Levan Darshana Tsulukidze & Nijara

Performance: Experimental - Electronica - Industrial

Levan Darshana Tsulukidze - Spoken Word, Concept, Directions in Music, Visuals, Voice, Samples, Loops, Occasional Guitar and Keyboard, Visuals.
Gocha Kacheishvili - Electric Midi Guitar.

Levan Darshana Tsulukidze is a Georgian Multimedia Artist. He has cast in roles as varied as visual artist, songwriter, poet, vocalist, producer, occasional instrumentalist, painter, filmmaker, disc jockey, record collector. Lev produces music and live acts, organizing Batumi New Wave Rock Fest & events in hometown - Batumi [Georgia], promotes new ideas and projects, working creatively and performing live. Very first intentions of playing music he had in early years, inspired by rock/punk/new wave, electronic music and free jazz, by music which he was listening on his turntable and radio. In 80's he was primary the one of them who starting popularise western pop culture there, [against the regime] stage performances at school, dancing parties, and went to underground, mainly, with propagandistic music/poetry group/journal titled "ANTI", which he founded together with his close friends. First shortly lived band "Modern House" he formed in 1989. In 90's he was working in media, introduced its own music program on tv and radio, making first steps into contemporary art - by paintings, video art, visuals, and presenting them in private events, exhibitions and programs. In new millenium - Levan is largely recognised as a founder, director and frontman of cult band "Nijara" [sound poetry, experimental, Industrial] and "Gagarin 16" [Alternative, Noise Rock] - by his works in music videos, with original composing style and beat poetry. Levan now finishing album "Junky & Deo" [hour of musical story about life, aspirations, love & death] and "Re-Visited Relatives" an album of electronic music, which he tributes to his heroes. Visuals, installations... psychedelic lyrics, about industrial and urban life… with heavy riffs, electronic sound and ambient atmosphere… it's - Nijara [means Seashell], a type of music that received admiring comments and the type of music that was to remain as the focus of inspiration for other groups. Core of Nijara also contains friend guitarist Gocha Kacheishvili [Nijara, Nino Katamadze & Insight] duo changing Nijara's lineups and make formations into Duets, Trios, Quartet projects and so on... - "Nijara" is eclectic - the way of life. Major musical influences in "Nijara" and "Gaga... 16" like he said is spontaneous ideas and objective music - Nijara - seashell itself. Levan proclaims Art independence, now "Nijara" plays rarely, Lev had appeared with his poetry and installments in Batumi and Tbilisi, working on script's and visuals, planning to publish Nijara's live material, archives and some latest studio works. Recently he has finished two short animated films "Junky & Deo" (for it's "Nijara") and "Sandino [Animal Grace] Captain Junky Lvein's Tropic Zone Diary", the idea of this last, conceptual, pacifistic, animated video came after the well known events which took place this summer in Georgia. Premiere of both films was aired recently on major Georgian TV Channels (In Tbilisi and Batumi) with presentations, interviews, Installments and live performances by the artist himself. Soon after, films was guest Bimini 2008 (International Animated Film Festival) and Biaff 2008 [Batumi International Film Festival].



  1. Anonymous6/28/2009

    არ დამევასა
    რა არი ეს ????
    ვინაა ვაბშე პირველად მესმის !!!

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    მდაა ...
    ბიოგრაფია შთამბეჭდავია

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  4. What I always loved about Levan Darshana Tsulukidze is that their live shows don't really sound -at all- like their recordings. That's what really means being "experimental" and they know how to experiment with music!

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  6. He is not the classic singer we are accustomed to listen, however I can say to his favor his lyrics are extraordinaries. I think he is gonna be so popular around he world in a couple of years, but he need to be focus in his career.