Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rock Music National Association (RMNA)

RMNA - Rock Music National Association

Rock Music National Organization (RMNA) was founded in April 2007. Since then a number of various activities has been realized whose aim is to unite the youth movements in the country, to involve them into the processes taking place in Georgia.

Lots of live-show has been organized since 2007:
the country's largest Rock Festival took place (25 February 2007) where 13 top rock metal bands from all parts of Georgia participated; an action under the motto "No Violence" (9 June 2007) protesting against teenagers' violence in the country; a summer festival Manglisi Open Air organized in Manglisi resort; an open ecological action in Gori, an unprecedented MetalFest took place in June 1, 2008 with headliner from Turkey - Moribund Oblivion. Starting from 2009 RMNA founded new project called "JAM!", which combined radio-shows with events. At present the Association unites many famous and powerful people. All the activities organized by the Association are traditionally highlighted in the country's leading media - TV, radio, press, Internet.

E-mail: rock@grn.ge
Website: http://rmna.info-tbilisi.com


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  2. I think it's very important for artists to join, not necessarily in a "movement", because sometimes artists seem to be isolated. I think it is just very important to work in union and this is a very good initiative. Congratulations.

  3. I think music is loosing its real core, I mean musicians and bands from 80's, 90's or some older made music because they loved music, now is all about money, no real feeling behind the new bands.

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