Monday, June 15, 2009

Made In Georgia

Folk - Electroacoustic - Experimental

Misha Mdinaradze - Keybords
Sandro Nikoladze - Flute, Percussion
Nika Tsereteli - Programming, Percussion
Zviad Nazgaidze - Guitar, Midi Bass
Misho Javakhishvili - Vocal
Koka Abzianidze - percussion
Giga Lolashvili - Duduki, Panduri
Kaki Japaridze - Bass Guitar
Guram Makalatia - Drum
Natalia Kutateladze - vocal

They say that world is in great danger because of human unpredictable behavour. We say that nothing will happend if we understand each other through music. Made in Georgia is a project wich covers most musical cultures of the world and tries to make it understandable for all humanity we have to tell the world that no verbal language is needed for comunication between us. So we introduce to you charming georgian malodies and way we understand world music through our, genuine and unique music culture. Thank you for your attention and Be a part of Musica Mundi.


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