Saturday, June 20, 2009

MinuS 2

Performance: Indie - Alternative


Zura Javakhia - Guitar, Piano, Vocal
Mamuka Sikharulidze - Guitar, Vocal
Levan Lapachi - Lead Guitar
Giorgi Kiknadze - Bass
Gaga Gomarteli - Drums

MinuS 2 is an union of 5 musically arisen people, who are willing to make some positive things in a worldwide music industry under such negative title as “MinuS 2” is. The band originally formed in Tbilisi, Georgia in late 2008 represents a consolidation of two absolutely independent musical collectives. An accidental acquaintance between Zura Javakhia and Mamuka Sikharulidze and their nearly identical musical tastes gave birth to a band which will be mentioned as MinuS 2 from now and always afterwards. As both of them had approximately same roles in their own bands, Mamuka and Zura have decided to combine with each other about their vocal and rhythm guitar playing abilities. While having no ambition of being a front man each of the band members reckon that all are equally important for the matter of common concern. Levan Lapachi is a lead guitarist of MinuS 2, before which he was one of the leader of Mamuka’s previous band. Giorgi Kiknadze at the bass guitar and Gaga Gomarteli at drum machines were part of Zura’s former band.

In spite of having differences in musical tastes including alternative rock, progressive metal and electronic music influences, all of the 5 were deeply affected by English alternative rock band Radiohead, in respect of which they held a 2-hour concert in the Rock Club, Tbilisi, in 14th January of 2009, successfully covering about 20 songs from Radiohead’s creative work.

Surely such tributes were no a continual aim of Minus 2. That was why, soon afterwards, combining Zura’s composing skills with Mamuka’s textual abilities and various musical ideas from all other band members, led them to recording the demo versions of two songs “I Think I’m Not in Love” and “You Are Dot”, the first of which took part in a musical project organized by Georgian broadcasting television Rustavi 2. “I Think I’m Not in Love” has won the first place and was performed live in a morning show afterwards.

At present, MinuS 2 goes on creating new songs and is planning to participate in several musical live events, the nearest of which is a live concert in Rock Café, Tbilisi, in 19 of June.


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