Monday, August 31, 2009


Performance: Experimental - Electronica

In any art form it is vital to create unique, distinctive style. This will temporarily liberate the artist from any comparison, as he has found his niche. BekBekson is a musician with reputation. He is diverse and free from any particular music genre. His music reflects profound comprehension of the laws of beauty and harmony that erase the borders between countries and styles crossing the customs of creativity between East and West at ease. Every human being has a mission of a kind. Unfortunately not every one realizes and recognizes their mission. Biography of BekBekson starts with a miracle-his further cut off the nails of a newborn and threw them at guitar saying: "He will be the best out of guitar players" Quite a ominous sign, is not it? Thus at age of 11 Beka took the guitar in his hands and at the age of 12 together with his father-the jewelry maker created one of his own. This was an unique guitar, bearing the name of his creator. Here, for the first time the installed microphone was used. In the hand of BekBekson guitar can easily transform from the violin into cello then turn into a huge fish which will in its turn morph into a wild bird, arrows in the wind, invisible choir of Tibetan monks if you please. In a word, he is a human-orchestra who creates the miracle right before your eyes. The music you will hear is practically composed by him alone. Being 26 he already has an experience of forming and working with 5 bands, taking part in many festivals. Ethno-impressionism, jazz, rock, avantguarde, noise, classic genres - all can be unified in one word-fusion. These are all creative colors of palette of BekBekson. Rather speechless and quiet as a human extremely expressive as a musician. Self-maker. He knows something. BekBekson (born October 19,1981) is a Georgian guitarist,composer,songwriter(and sometimes vocalist,bassist and drummer player)perhaps best known for his work as a member of the progressive and experimental rock group ASEA SOOL?,EXTAZ,ACT.He has also recorded four solo albums "Aura","Ultrasonic","Kulinari","Asea Sool". 


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