Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dini Virsaladze

Performance: Jazz


Dinara (Dini) Virsaladze, a famous Georgian pianist, born in Tbilisi (Republic of Georgia), studied piano at Tbilisi Music School for Gifted Children and graduated from Tbilisi State Conservatoire (faculty of piano - Professor Tina Gogolashvili, faculty of organ - Professor Eter Mgaloblishvili). After graduating from the Conservatoire she began working in a chamber orchestra as a pianist and harpsichord player under principal conductor Vadim Shubladze. Her career continued as a concert-master at the vocal department of the Conservatoire and with Tbilisi Chamber Orchestra as a harpsichord player, where she also served as a manager. Dini Virsaladze appeared before the audience as a jazz pianist and a composer for the first time in 1993. The same year she participated in Novosibirsk Jazz Festival that significantly changed the life of a young musician. She performed in numerous jazz clubs and caf├ęs and appeared in various TV shows. She was an author and a host of a Jazz TV show on TV channel “Iberia” for some time. In a very short period of time Dini attracted attention of many jazz fans and professional musicians, among them Ms. Ia Akhobadze. “Working at Jazz Club which opened in Tbilisi
in 1995, listening to many famous musicians and playing in Jam Sessions with them, significantly enriched Dini’s performance, bringing it to perfection. This became obvious at Margarita Festival /Competition in 1996 where Dini was awarded as the best keyboard player. Everyone, who is acquainted with Dini's performance, recognizes her as the first Georgian female jazz musician who occupies an important place in Georgian national history of jazz", wrote Ms. Ia Akhobadze. Composer Nukri Abashidze says: "Dini’s music is characteristic of beautiful melody, rich harmony and high spirituality. She belongs to unique female Jazz musicians and is an exceptional composer, as well as an excellent improvisor and an outstanding performer with unique skills." Since 2003 she has been performing with Tbilisi Big Band under conductor Givi Gachechiladze. Tbilisi Big Band was awarded The Best Big Band 2006 honor in Monte-Carlo in 2006. The board of directors of the Monte-Carlo International Jazz Awards (MCIJA) expressed its special gratitude to Mrs. Dini Virsaladze, a keyboard player, to acknowledge her valuable contribution to the Tbilisi Municipality Concert Orchestra (the Big Band) and for promoting jazz worldwide. Nowadays, Dini plays keyboard at jazz club "Non-Stop" with Lasha Abashmadze - Bass and Nika Abashmadze - Drums and participates in many different concerts at the Tbilisi Conservatoire, Philharmony, Opera house, Rustaveli Theatre and other music halls. In her album "Mysterious"Dini Virasaldze appears together with many musicians. All pieces were composed by her during different periods of time, so they are absolutely unique in style, character and performance. “Voyage” was the first composition written for this album. In "Mysterious" and "March” Dini Virsaladze plays piano and leads vocal. Gia Makharadze, Nodar Ekvtimishvili - bass, David Azirashvili - guitar, Gia Salagishvili, Gia Tetradze - drums, David Japaridze - percussion, Kakha Jagashvili - saxophone, Nukri Abashidze - arranger and composer, are featuring in this album. Dini's second CD, "Smiling Face", was recorded in the recording studio of Tbilisi Conservatoire in 2007. The new CD features different musicians with a vocalist Ani Duchidze. If you did not know, Dini is a talented artist. Her beautiful paintings have been exhibited at the Museum of the History of Tbilisi “Karvasla”, Art Club “Gircha”, Jazz Club “Atinati”, Art Club “Lost Paradise”, “Underground Theatre” & “House of Jazz”. She has also worked as a model with designer Maka Natsvlishvili between 1994 & 1995.




  1. I am not into jazz music, but I love listening to new things and discovering the magic on each genre. I never heard about this Dinara Virsaladze, but I'm very curious about her. Thank you for the post.

  2. She's a perfect pianist actually I remember when I went to one of her concerts it was a totally ecstasy because she performed very well during the two hours concert.

  3. This woman is so talented because she's a pianist and writer and something I didn't know was that she worked as a model with designer Maka Natsvlishvili, I'm impressed with the versatile this woman can be, I hope people appreciate the work she has made in her life.