Sunday, August 9, 2009


Performance: Alternative - Grunge

David Gogoladze - Guitars, Vocals
Shota Khatoev - Bass
Alexander Gongliashvili - Drums

The band was created in September 2006 in Tbilisi, Georgia by three members: David, Shota and Alexander. First single "Snowqueen" was recorded in March 2007 and was presented by the Radio "Green Wave" in the special emission conserning grunge and alternative music. September 2008 met the band with their live debut in Composers' House together with one man project Lady Heroine. After this live show the band stopped active rehearsals to concentrate on an album recording. During the recording sessions the band had other couple of live shows. On 19 june, the band appeared live at the main Georgian TV channel Rustavi2, where they performed their hit single Alcohol. At this moment the band is still in a process of recording their debut album, that will be called Handle With Care. No date of the release in announced yet. Still you can listen to their several songs here, at their myspace profile.

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