Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mirror Illusion

Performance: Grunge - Alternative - Progressive


sophie Mariamidze - Guitar, Vocal
Ann Matiashvili- Bass guitar
Ani kasareli - Drum

Mirror Illusion is a Grunge - Alternative - Progressive band from Georgia. The Band consistes tree teenager girls: Sophie, Ann and Anna. i must say that somewhy girl bands are not very common here in Tbilisi I could name only three or for bands since 90's and Mirror Illusion is one of them. Their first track was recorded at Kote Kalandadze's home studio. For today Mirror illusion is going to record many other songs. We wish them good luck.



  1. Anonymous9/24/2010

    მაგრები ხართ გოგოებო.

  2. Excellent post! This is one of my favorites genres, because they're using Grunge - Alternative - Progressive and others rhythms in their songs, by the way Mirror Illusion has been making a new style because their presentations are different and we can't avoid this initiative, so it'd be nice if you can add more about this point. 23jj