Thursday, September 3, 2009


Performance: Punk - Alternative
St. James - Saint Of The Band
Tornike Karchkha - Vocals, Leader
Giorgi Siba - Bass
Sulxan Tsulukidze - Rythm Guitar, Keyboards, Harmonica, Backing Vocals
Tornike Margvelashvili (Griazniy Gary) - Lead Guitar
Guram Tsertsvadze - Percussion
Papuna Zhamierashvili (Pepe) - Drums

All started like it happens – friendly tap on a shoulder, bright eyes and vibrant announcement: ‘’why don’t we start a rock-band?!’’. Followed by several member changes, not sharing the same enthusiasm, the band’s eventual birthday is celebrated on the day when the searching and auditioning of lead guitarist and the drummer was over. A kick-off…
When you fully devote yourself to the idea and feel the over-enthusiastic self-confidence, you create the destiny. There is no way to fail, winners never quit… now we happen to have one of the best young Georgian instrumentalists in the band, own rehearsal studio, skillful people supporting us, best video director and photographer, invitations from live venues, fans (girls) commenting on MySpace, recognizing in the streets, etc. We are in the interesting level of our musical career – looking forward to getting the very first feedback from the wide audience.
(Un)Fortunately, we are not BritishJ we are graduated employed single guys from Tbilisi aged twenty-and-something, gone through 90s and we proudly and loudly sing in Georgian language about the shit going on around us –We don’t write songs, we ‘’sort or shape them out’’ from our everyday life. As for musical genre, let it form out by itself as we play and record more and more. So far, it turns out that we either play music with strong punk influence, or sound like a depressive new-school wankers. Maybe that’s our inner fight…
Last but not the least, we are there for vigorous onstage live action, we DONT just stand there with the faces like we don’t give a shit what this ‘’redneck’’ audience is thinking about us, ‘’I know I’m soooo deep …’’.  Give us a stage and six of us will put all their best do give you a show you haven’t probably seen from the local band. 



  1. me momitevet magram post punk ra shuashia? :)

  2. Anonymous9/21/2009

    post punkio??? shuashi ara magram cota gverdze namdvilad aris :D:D mgoni ubralod punki unda eweros...

  3. es speisidan aris dakopirebuli chemi aztroty saertod post arafer suashia mara ra vici