Monday, October 5, 2009


About Label:
 "SOKO" is an indie label which is open to collaborate with everyone, anytime & anywhere! label is an open space where different euroasian music projects are sharing their music,art experiences, instruments and pills. label "soko" is a consequent of LABORATORY MUZIK movement initiated by art-group "ELY". Laboratory Muzik (SOKOMUZIK) means the post-soviet mutation sound, influenced by abnormal soviet and post-soviet lifestyle, chernobyl catastrophe, civil wars and low technologies. music which is created after this dark periods is a Laboratory SokoMuzik. :) SokoMuzik is based on weird synthesis of high and low music technologies. We love to use the HOME COMPUTER on the stage instead the laptop. We love to use a killing 16BIT SOUND in the soft pop-oriented dance music. We love the incredible electronic of the third world. we call this music -- SECOND HAND TECHNO. hail eurasia!

SokoMuzik -- Guerilla Pop. vol.1 (2008) internet album. free to download. COPY AS YOU LIKE.
SokoMuzik -- "National Georgian B(u)Allet". for magazine "syndrome". 1000 copies.

Kung Fu Junkie 
Baby Newz  
Accidental Lover BoyZ  
Spandera & Kompartya  
Urban SkyZ 5iles 
Nothing FM  
Who the FUCK is Jack Bauer  
Minda da Vtkhri  
Eko & parallel universe


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