Friday, January 29, 2010

Green Room

Achiko Guledani - Vocals,Guitar
Beka Japaridze - Keyboard
Nika Motsonelidze - Guitar
Goofy - Guram Makalatia - Drums
Vaho Babunashvili - Bass
Irakli Manchkhashvili - Sound Man


Green Room, an indie band from Tbilisi, sound like a cross between Grizzly Bear and Moby in his better moments - navigating a tricky terrain between lushness and lo-fi with an ease that suggests a few years in the studio and a hard drive full of Williamsburg's finest. Their debut album, the somewhat ungrammatically titled "The Last Minute of Terrorist", is on its way (so, gentlemen, if you self-google and find this, it's not too late to stick an "a" in there). The driving "MushRoom," an impatient, catchy multipart rocker, is clearly what used to be called "the lead single" in more innocent times. "Waltz of Witches" goes from compressed thrash to an actual waltz, with a melody that bites the chord changes from the Beatles' "Do You Want to Know a Secret." All in all, prime hipster bait with serious songwriting to back it up.


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  1. Anonymous4/11/2010

    Please forgive me.. now I see that I've been blind. Give me love of music, which is what I need to help me know my name..

    p.s. I'm alone in kyoto and mushu-azia :)
    he knows who I am :)