Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mutual Friends

Alternative - PopRock - Funk


George Ergemlidze - Vocals, keyboard, songwriting, arranging
Zur A Javakhia - Rhythm Guitar, vocals, songwriting
David “Coo” Tsintsadze – Lead guitar
St. Ladouka Ninua – Bass guitar
Giga Chikhradze - Drums, percussion

Mutual Friends are a Georgian Alternative rock Band from Tbilisi, formed in 2009. Members of the band have different musical taste, which is reflected in the band’s music. So in the band you can find combined variety of genres and playing styles, which make an interesting musical aspect in total. The band members have performed on several live shows already and are preparing for an album release. Their first two songs “Drunk Monkey” and “Sorry (I’m a Loser)” have first seen the light of the day at their debut performance held on January 16, 2010.

Since their inception in 2009, the band has changed its members, thus made several alterations in its sound, making it very colorful and versatile – here you can find such stylistic mixes as orchestral ensemble meeting vocal arrangement, heavily distorted guitar riffs meeting eclectic pop lyrics, etc.

The band has performed in several places – including Royal Philharmonics, University of Art and Drama, several gigs in Rock Club etc.

At the moment the band is involved in an active creative process including working on new songs at their Home Studio. They plan at least recording a demo album this year.

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